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Tyre 1

Manufactured 15th week 2013

Good tyre plenty of tread left. Not torn all the way around just where shown.

£40 + £10 postage

Tyre 2

Good tyre slightly more wear than tyre 1. Manufactured 15th week 2012

£30 + £10 postage
Bodywork / Re: diy paintjob ideas please
March 07, 2014, 09:46:32 PM

Bodywork / Re: diy paintjob ideas please
March 07, 2014, 09:38:54 PM

Not the best quality vinyl in the world but it does the job.

Yeah I'm in the process of doing mates race bike for next season. Its coming along quite well really.

I will post pictures on Sunday.

I would recommend one of these for certain areas, but I tend to just use my fingers.

Hair dryer will apply the heat needed to stretch the vinyl and remove any creases.

Essential for the trimming.
Bodywork / Re: diy paintjob ideas please
March 07, 2014, 12:18:31 PM
Vinyl it yourself, its easy all you need is a hair dryer to heat it up to avoid creases.

8m x 600mm is £13.50 on ebay delivered.
Parts For Sale / Samco Hoses Brand New ZXR400 H1
March 05, 2014, 09:39:42 PM
£40 + £8 postage


Never been fitted, bought in error.

I will swap for a set of samco for the ZXR400 L model.

Cheers mate, I will get them uploaded on Saturday.

Its actually being sold by a mate of mine Daniel Anderson who races in the Bemsee EDI Asia F400 class.

He gets back from London this weekend.
2005 N1 ZX6RR, (599cc K1H engine fitted)
RR forks, K tech internals,
WP shock
RR slipper clutch,
RR quick ratio gearbox,
Kit loom, head gasket and ECU,
power commander with ignition module,
Supersport tune
Race rear sets,
woodcraft clip ons (quick release split type),
radial nissin master cyclinder and calipers,
venhill quick action throttle.
F hot carbon seat support
Harris race fuel cap,
Akrapovic system
new plugs, filter and oil.
Carbon chain guard
Part worn racetecs fitted
full spares package


Pics available at the weekend or viewing.

To give you some idea the bike is all black with yellow mudguard and seat unit.

I am not new to the site my old account was wiped during some maintenance or something?? I was Jon_zx6r but the name Jon was displayed with a picture of my ZX7R in the sig.

Based in Norfolk (Belton), near Lowestoft.