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Started by Bullet, July 15, 2013, 04:43:54 PM

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I didnt actually take that many pictures this time round, but heres a few, sorry theyre not very good, or very exciting!

this is my friends parking spot that he's kindly let me dump the bike on for a while, bit of a step down from my own workshop but it has done the job! rebuilt front end going on, including rebuilt forks, brakes, new yokes and bearings, and re routing all the wiring (was in the wrong place) and respraying all the brackets for clocks/lights/fairing e.t.c

makeshift workshop for rebuilding the carbs, it was actually quite comfy sat there with a movie on to do a spot of motorcycle maintenance!

This was a bit of a cock up ebay purchase, looked black in the picture! blue screen is going to look completely wrong on the bike, considering painting the inside surface black....


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Quote from: Nat on January 27, 2014, 05:24:25 PM
Love that red colour!
The colour does look really good in that pic, but sometimes it does look very pink! and sadly the tank has suffered from a bad fuel spillage and paint blistering in the past, one side fairing is badly cracked and patched from the back, and the nose cone has scuffs and part missing where it joins the side, so im not sure weather to touch it up in places and leave it, or just respray the thing!, lazyness will probably cause me to just leave it, but I do have an Alloy tank and oe single seat tail from my old K model one I could put on it if I resprayed it!


Dont use the single seat, it'll look rubbish. Sell it to me really cheap instead!


theres one on ebay right now, not oe though i dont think, and its the wrong colour. Too far for me to collect or id have bought it as a spare! are you anywhere near herts?



now has an MOT, only need tax now  :moto:  then theres a whole lot more jobs to do to make it not shit aswell as legal!


I was watching that seat but sadly he wouldnt post and im a candy red j2 also.

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I missed this thread...... update please me-laddo!!

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Okies, update time! Might be a long post this one!

well It got fixed and ridden as cheaply as possible for a bit... which included fixing a knackard clutch slave cylinder and new seals on the master aswell, somehow it was still working! only symptom was it being a bit long travel on the lever, but the seal looked like this!

rebuilding the super spongy and binding breaks which comprised of new seals for the master cylinder again, and rebuilding / cleaning out the callipers where they had corroded behind the seals where it had sat for a few years, dremel is the tool of champions for this!

I had to rebuild the forks yet again only this time using seals that cost more than a fiver as the the cheap ones really are a false economy!

I also managed to drop my fuel tank putting a dint in it  :angry: but the top needed respraying anyway as the previous owner stored it upside down with fuel in it which proceeded to leak out and destroy the paint, i bodged it just to stop it from rusting initially as my spraying is rubbish! tried to do a black panel on the top of the tank which kind of worked....




made a boo boo!

fixed it and lacquered it, Dont use the halfords petrol resistant lacquer, its crap, im never using it again!!!

On the bike again, along with my nice cheapo fake carbon tank guard, knock off pazzo levers (£14.99 well spent!) and some crash bungs i also fitted.

The first tank guard that arrived was broken so I tried my hand at plastic welding it having never done it before. It's actually surprisingly easy, but I got another one for the tank anyway.....

And last but not least, I finally got a black screen, wanted a double bubble, but a new one is £££ and they dont seem to come up used.

Meanwhile, whilst riding  this around and fixing its various niggles, Ive also been working on the front and rear end conversion ive had in the bag since i built the K model q plated thing dubbed 'project minja' by my non shiney bike hating buddies. figured i should probably use all the bits i had! so I finally got round to making the fitting kit i designed years ago, and getting the lower yolk modified to take the zxr bearings and grease seal.


Finished bits:

Test fitted on a spare frame in the lounge (its been being built in the kitchen, but no room to take a picture in there!)

rebuilt, and resprayed the front callipers as the paint looked nasty, new hel lines front and rear. I got an 06 kit as I've got the radial levers off a zzr1400 to go on, so needed the lines to suit, annoyingly an 06 rear line is too short for an 04 so had to buy another one, oh well!

sanded down and resprayed a single seat tail unit I had left over from 'project minja' turns out it was an original one underneath the layers of paint! also sanded down a spare alloy tank I had left too. unsure if i should leave the tank bare alloy or spray it, i kinda like the bare metal look! I also got an 04 10r front fender from hong kong, its crap, nobody should buy these! buy the time you add import tax id rather have paid an extra £30 and got a carbon one in the uk!

Trial fit.....

Next problem was new lock stops, there in a different place on a 10r and also they the forks have a differant offset so hit the frame quite easily, and the fairing brace (not solved that problem yet!) so a good deal of measuring and drawing and cardboard mock ups arrived at this to bolt on the underside of the headstock where theres conveniently 2 bolt holes already!

the nice man at the machine shop said it would be 3 hours to make it, (£100 +) so kindly cut out the basic shapes for me for free, and i set to it with a drill, dremel, and a file!

so time to bolt it all on and solve the rest of the problems on the bike, I dont think the swingarm had EVER been removed on this thing, took me all day plus an assortment if increasingly bigger hammers and a blow torch to get it out, but finally out it came!

and now it looks like this!! It has revealed a couple of problems, the levers hit the clocks, but theyve got to be replaced anyway as the speedo drive was on the front wheel, ive got some 10r ones to fit. the throttle assembly hits the brake lines, so a zx636 one will be needed to fix that, and also the switchgear. the 10r also uses a longer and narrower chain so ive got one of those waiting to go on too :)



Christ, I wish I had the time/money/skill/inclination to do something like this!


cheers :) I think anyone could do it if they wanted to though, doesnt have to be expensive, or take as much skill as you might think! But time and inclination are unavoidable  ;)

Got the zx6r B1h throttle housing and cables today, all fitted but need to put a spacer in as the inner is slightly too long relative to the outer to adjust the slack out. got a ZX6r J start/kill/light switch too, same connectors but the cables are all in different places! you can pop out the spade connectors though and move them around & luckily the wire colours match the old switchgear so pretty straightforward to get them in the right place!  Its nearly rideable!


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Throttle cable now adjusted perfectly thanks to a MTB brake adjuster, also had to replace the clutch push rod oil seal behind engine cover under the front sprocket, which is an engine out job thanks to some silly kawasaki designers! all went fine, done in record time, right up until putting in a new magnetic sump plug, which sheared off at almost no torque! damm thing!  :angry: I shant be using those again, now iv got to work out how to get the darn thing out!

edit, got it out now, thankfully some creative use of long nose pliers wedged in there did the job!


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New chain fitted, new oil, fresh coolant, clutch bled with the new radial lever, warmed up.... had to take it for a little test ride around the block  :tongue: 

Its amazing the differance! feels so much lighter than before, I know in reality theres probably no more than 20lbs loss in weight but it feels more like 50  :cool:  the reduced offset has made it a bit faster steering and also drops into turns a bit below 30 needs pressure on the inside bar to hold a line, but that goes away once you go a bit faster  :moto: also I know the 10r 04 brakes got a bit of a bad rep, but honestly with the zzr1400 radial lever, these brakes are so sooooo much better than the old ones. radial lever for the clutch has taken it from being quite heavy to feather light too. So all in all, I'm well pleased! Now i just need to wire in the 10r clocks, thats going to be a headache because im crap at wiring! and make a new top fairing/mirror brace...


All sounding good , dont envy you with the wiring!
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