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Started by Bullet, July 15, 2013, 04:43:54 PM

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Im rubbish at it, its going to take me ages to get it right! I've got a helpfull pin out diagram for the clocks though and a wiring diagram for the zxr so hopefully I can work it out!

Already got the sprocket nut off a zx6r fitted so just need the speedo pickup sensor, and to mod the cover to take the sensor and to work out where it fits in relation to the sprocket nut :huh:  ........ and a speedo healer as im not running standard 10r gearing.  Actually thats quite alot!


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Update time again, I've wired in the clocks, modified the mirror/fairing brace to take them and to clear the front yolk, and also mot'd it today! Yay!

wiring in the clocks was actually alot easier than I expected it to be as alot of the wires are the same colour, ordered up some connectors to match the original ones so I didn't have to chop up the existing loom, which was great in theory but the 10r clocks need a permanent live feed to remember the time, and also I had to combine the signal from both coils as my tacho was 50% out, so had to open up the loom in the end anyway, never mind!

Clocks wired in but the tacho is 50% out as you can see by the idle speed. I gave up trying to con the fuel light into going out and took the clocks apart and blacked out the led in the end!

Wiring!!! Luckily I didn't have to go too far back into the loom to find a live feed, and the other coil pulse signal.

And this is how you combine coil pulses without accidentally bridging the feeds and creating wasted spark....

Modified fairing brace, the little tabs in the middle take the 10r clocks and the big curved bits replace the mirror brace. unfortunately theres too much spring in them so any bumps and you cant see anything in the mirrors! Plan is to just remove the mirrors and put a bar end mirror on, not ideal but should solve the problem!

So today it passed its mot finally, one advisory for a slack chain, its new & I've not adjusted it yet since its initial stretch. But here it is! Still looks a bit rough, but is the best handling, and certainly the best stopping ZXR I've ridden


coming along nicely , looks to  me like you have just chucked an old fairing over a much newer bike
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Farmer Giles

will you still need to sort the fuel gauge feed out or else it will just say 'fuel' all the time on the display.

Can you use another live feed to the fuel input on the clocks and then drop the voltage down to somewhere a little more than the empty level ? Im no expert but the output from the fuel sender will only be a voltage range so it just a case of working out the required voltage and dropping the feed accordingly..

Having said that I guess maybe it's not quite so simple or else you'd have done it.. 



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Quote from: Carbon_ZX6R on June 24, 2015, 05:38:16 PM
coming along nicely , looks to  me like you have just chucked an old fairing over a much newer bike

it does a bit yes, I don't think the new parts look too out of place though :)

Quote from: Farmer Giles on June 24, 2015, 08:10:00 PM
will you still need to sort the fuel gauge feed out or else it will just say 'fuel' all the time on the display.

I did try various voltage feeds into the fuel input and it didn't seem to make any difference :( thats when I gave up and blacked out the led.  It does flash "fuel" on the dash when you turn it on, but click the mode button and it goes away, still slightly annoying though. Whats higher up the to do list is to work out how to mount the speedo pickup sensor over the front sprocket and wire that and the speedo healer in, luckily you dont need the speedometer to actually work for an mot!  :shocked:


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Time to dig up an old thread. I FINALLY fitted the 6r sprocket nut and speed pick up sensor to the sprocket cover, wired it all in, fitted a speedo healer and calibrated it..... It's only taken 11 months, but now the dash is fully functional and GPS calibrated  :cool:

next phase in the project is the 9r engine I bought years ago, and is sat under the stairs waiting for me to do something with it, come back in a year or two and i may have got round to it!