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to Project or not....?

Started by Jonesy, February 25, 2014, 11:52:52 AM

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February 25, 2014, 11:52:52 AM Last Edit: February 26, 2014, 10:27:10 AM by Jonesy
So I had an idea of buying an old mini to do up in my spare time (not that I have much) but the thought was that I have the space and hopefully most of the skills / contacts I'd need to make a semi good job of something to play around in / with!

The missus bought me back down to earth when she reminded me that I have 2x non-running bikes in the garage already :( Party pooper!

So this morning I dug the Fireblade out of the corner of the garage and made contact with a friend that is going to weld the part of the engine block that broke off during my small accident almost 2 years ago... It's going there tomorrow to have the welding done.

During the accident the bike came off lightly and there was absolutely no damage other than a crack behind the generator cover on the engine... So all the panels are intact and in good condition.

Whilst I like the bike (929 RRY) and have both options of keeping it as standard and tarting it up a bit, back to good condition  and selling (registered as Cat C so wont be worth a lot), I also have always liked the Erion Racing shceme...
so the thought also is about changing it to something i might keep long term...


Good bikes and a nice paint scheme.

Like you say the write off would hurt the value if you sell it, but not to you as you know the full story.

Does the 929 have fuelling issues? I thought the 954 was the better model.
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The highlight of my biking at the moment is my daly commute on an X-max 400...

Currently don't have the biking bug I used to, so dont want to spend a fortune doing it or investing in a new bike when it will probably only venture out a dozen or so times a year.

Plus I still have the trackbike which will get used on track (possiblly, if ever again), so this is for the odd blast every now and again.

fuelling is sorted thanks to a PCIII :)


Oh no, and now my eBay watch list is full again...

After seeing a few frames powdercoated, I think I'm going to get the bike running again and get the powdercoating done to make it look a little more modern!


STREETFIGHTER IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :afro:



Mean as fook!

eBaying the family and house right now!


Just remember that for every one streetfighter that looks awesome, there are 100 that look like crap crashed bikes.

make sure the attention to detail is immaculate!
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I just start fightered my Daytona track bike


Lord Danoir the first

ooooo...... now that looks nice!!!



I wanted to ride the track bike on the road but without the full fairing.

Sorry for the picture whoring hijack


a mini can be a fun project...

t'misses' is almost finished :)

almost done :)


For those interested... of which I suspect probably none!

I started it tonight for the first time in 2 years--

It came back from the welders I put the new genny cover, filled with oil and water, turned it over on the starter a few times before connecting the fuel pump and tank.

The added new fuel and went for it! Turned over for about 10seconds and then spluttered into life! :D

I took some footage which I'll host later but needless to say I'm impressed with the honda reliability.