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Cutting a race seat?

Started by Maddog, March 31, 2014, 04:24:17 PM

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Is there a tried and tested method of cutting bodywork? Ive got a race seat for the zx10, its like this

It puts loads of stress on the tank fixings as all of my body weight will be sat on it so i want to cut the seat area away so i can use the standard seat.... like this

Anyone got any suggestions? Ive seen a few pre cut ones on ebay but are part of a complete set. Im awaiting replies from the sellers to see if they will split


Tis simple......Dremel type tool

Personally I use the Carbon cutting discs, but you can also use the regular ones too.


I went from


Using the above method......mark out your cut lines in pencil / chinagraph and trim slow and steady, the discs will slice through the GRP very easily, so you can make a mess if you rush.


Top man!

Why did you do it? The same reason as me?


Why not buy the right set unit to start with ?

There is usually a seat support designed to go under a GRP seat unit (but not a carbon one which are self supporting).
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Its cheaper to use what ive got. Ive already got the race seat as in the first pic. It came with used track fairings i brought