Fitting control to new bars

Started by DaveH, April 13, 2014, 11:56:01 PM

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Drill the bars, or file the locating dowels?

Filing seems to be the most popular way, but just thought I'd run it by you guys here first.

By that I am assuming minimum of filling so that there is still some friction exerted when tight?



David W

Drill a hole.  It's an education in measuring to get it in the right place but you'll be glad you did.



i used some electrical tape then center punched it.. then i could check location and makes it easier to drill...


Cheers guys, that's what I'll do.

Was thinking of using tape, but I could maybe make a template from the standard bars, as long as i managed to line it up...


All done! Made paper templates and transferred to gaffa taped bars, centre punched and then drilled.

Cheers for the advice to drill, far better fit :-)


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