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RR - EVO 3

Started by WizzBang, July 20, 2013, 07:20:55 PM

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Using Dave's cornflake box trick I reckon that seat unit shouldnt take too much work :)


Ive a spare seat unit that I shall be taking a cast of around the affected area, then pop it on the damaged one, line it up and hey presto I have the required shape.

As far as practising my fibre glassing, I get enough of that at work.  Quite handy though, as I can help myself to odds and ends every now and again.


More work on the bike again today....

Started off with dropping the oil and removing the old filter, then it was onto meat of the work.

Old case

Removed the case which, like the clutch side when I did that, was a bitch to get off due to the sealing compound that Honda use (no gaskets), but it eventually came off, and on went a brand new case.

Waited for gasket sealant to start curing and then fitted up the new cover

Seeing as the left side was done, I moved onto the other side.  Despite it being undamaged, I had the other R&G cover to go on, so the carbon had to go.

Eventually managed to get the old cover off, not suprising it was difficult to remove as I must of used half a tube of Sikaflex putting it on.

Cleaned it all up a bit and then chucked the new cover on.

Managed to pick up a brand new fairing support bracket off eBay for a fiver.  It's only when you see old and new side by side that you realise how twisted and bent the old one is.

Seeing as that is all done, it's time to update my to-do list

Sort the clip on
New grips
Sort the rearset
Oil and filter change
Change genny cover
Fit engine covers
Change discs of wet wheels
Thoroughly clean the bike

Sort the seat unit
Sort the front fairing mount area
Source replacement wets

Getting there


Made a start on the fairings......

Poor seat unit, it got smashed down hard during the crash

Theres only about 2 inches of the unit intact along the left side, so it's not very sturdy.

Plucked from my magical supply of spares.....

One seat unit that's seen better days, but will do for this job.

Mould cast off of spare seat

and there it is all trimmed up and ready to use.

Lined up the damaged unit and placed the mould on

Laid up on the inside.

The end result

The result of the above has given me structural integrity of the seat unit again, and also has given me the profile and contours that it should have.

Next task is to start building up the repaired area and shaping it.



Got some filling done, using a mixure of fibreglass resin and something called cab-o-sil which is a thickening agent.

Had a lot of grinding and sanding after sticking all that on.

Current result, which needs more work, but I'm currently out of time as I have a trackday in a couple of days.

Once the trackday has been done, and when I can find the enthusiasm again, I will continue to rub them down, and then chuck some paint over them.


your getting there
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