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Will this fairing fit?

Started by SuperMooCow, May 12, 2015, 02:19:28 PM

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Hi all,

I'd like to buy this fairing for my 2003 zx636 B1H, but I'm not sure it'll fit as it says its for a 636C but the same year as my bike?
Is the 636C just the american version of the B1H or does it have different fairing mounts?

Thanks in advance,


Isnt the C the Californian denotation ?

Either way, it looks like a regular B1,B2 fairing, and they were the only models to have that shape.


Brilliant, thanks for the help!  :azn:


been a while since i had my B1, but from those photos would also say it looks like a B model fairing rather than a C (you can tell by the lack of fat arse)
so looks like you will be ok
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The C1h fairings were completely different all over

Deffo B1h fairings

Whether the quality is good I can't say though


I take it your not in the UK? As there is loads on uk ebay?
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