Kawasaki AR50 restoration

Started by Phil_8, July 23, 2016, 04:13:22 PM

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No photo updates, but as of a couple of weeks ago the bike is with a fabrication place to have the mounts for the fairings made up

After over a year, its roaring along


Looking forward to seeing the photos soon. *nudge*  :afro:



So, last week, out of the blue (I had given up on ever seeing the bike again, but thats a whole other story) The fabrication place suddenly sent me a whatsapp.....

Its not final yet, they want me to pop along to make sure I'm happy before they do all the mounts permanently.

Which brings me on to a question for the few left here. Anyone got any recommendations of places that can make custom decals? The race rep ones I want are very niche and not available it seems


If you can get the design you want made in ImageReady, any printers should be able to print onto self-adhesive vinyl and then you can lacquer over the top if you wish.

Great to see some progress on this thread! :-D


Bit dangerous having a reg plate up there. Might cause issues under heavy braking.....
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