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F3 now track ready

Started by Thegodfather, November 13, 2016, 05:13:04 PM

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Well almost.
Still a couple of little jobs plus looking out for a rear shock,damper and maybe a dash.



Only ridden 200 yards up the road so far. First track day 2 weeks time.


 :cool:  nice shiny paint, take it easy always risky a track day at this time of year. Have fun  :azn:


Tell me its an overseas day as that bike is far too sweet to UK track in late November!!
Significantly faster than you.....


Yeah don't panic. Almeria Early December. I rarely do Uk tracks anymore and try to do 4 euro events a year.



Thank God it's not a UK day , although was going to take my had off to you! Certainly more fun that cadwell in the ice!
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Cheers, it sure looks the part just hope it's reliable.
I've jinxed anyone at track I've spoke to lol
One guy at Oulton didn't even finish his three sighting laps and another at Aragon dropped a valve.
If anyone asked me about it I'm keeping my gob shut  :rofl:


Very very nice.

Lovely to see them returned to their natural habitat.
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