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another offer

Started by komp, October 22, 2013, 02:13:12 PM

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weatherproof jackets this time
i can actually recommend these, as got one myself for going over my leathers (size XL)
not as thin as a std waterproof, as has a mesh lining but still very lightweight
might even get myself another one while so cheap

offer only lasts 24hours btw
Triumph Speed Triple RS


Hi Komp,
I'm after a few tshirts and a couple of sweaters, possibly one of the jackets we've had off you also for the france trips etc, but want the name of my firm on the front pkus the same with a phone number on the back, can you drop us a pm if this is doable as I know it's a tiny order mate.
Or maybe drop us a text 07861793368 as network here is shocking.