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Project suggestions please

Started by idris, June 16, 2020, 09:53:22 PM

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Just suppose you had a 2010 ZX6R9F, with 16000 miles and generally pretty good condition.
Or it was until you dropped it at 30-40 and thrashed it cosmetically. Probably an insurance right-off ... if you made a claim.

Or you could stick with a bike you've owned from new, and trick it out.
Assuming there was nothing major mechanical that got broken, what would you you choose to upgrade and what would you budget?


If it's just the plastics order a set o chinese ones off ebay and bob's your uncle or is fanny your aunt? and related to your other post if you do this don't mention it to the insurance.

captain sensible

Personally speaking I'd be looking at getting a  replacement set of fairings (either chinese like green ninja suggests or oem if you can afford it and go for something a little different with the colours.

Like for example doing a 2010 race rep but changing the primary colours.
Now with 100% more sarcasm.