How to match paint? (Lime green)

Started by Jim27, October 08, 2013, 10:06:56 PM

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Hi folks,

I'm wanting to tidy up some scuffs/marks on my plastics plus on the wheels so have done my research and found the colour code for my 2000-plate J1 ZX-6R - Lime Green (617) and Ebony Black (602). I bought a 617 Lime Green from ebay and have tested it and the colour match is horrendous:

I've emailed the seller to see if they're able to get a closer match but gut tells me the answer will be no.

Anyone got any pointers as to where the best place is to get a good match for the Lime Green in an aerosol?

big gav

There are high street shops that can paint match. Take in one of the plastics and hey presto :)


Take it to a paint shop with a full colour system, and ask them to paint it. 13 year old paint is going to be well faded


Quote from: zxrob on October 09, 2013, 11:47:34 AM
Try these


Yeah been recommended to these guys by both Kwak main dealer and mate. Only problem is they list the Lime Green as being the same for 1996-2005, when in fact we all know that the greens across that time period differ hugely. Bike has little or no paint fade - has been stored indoors and you can see that the paint on the bike is actually darker than the lime green I bought that was supposedly a perfect match.

Ho hum am concluding that ash is spot on - have to go to a local paint supplier and get a colour spectograph or whatever it's called to match the paint perfectly.


have you checked what colour the original primer was? that can also make a big difference.


Spoke to Autopaint in Bolton today and they explained the same, Jonesy. The original paintwork is the gloss ebony black with the green then painted over that and the "slashes" masked off. They explained that the actual 617 Lime Green is a very translucent paint and you start with a dark or black base coat and apply layer after layer of green, bringing the depth of the green colour up with each coat until you get the desired colour match.

The downside is that I have some light scuffs on the RHS fairing that I wanted to paint up, blending the paint into the original green. Autopaint explained that because of the need for base coat then multiple coats of green it's impossible to do a "bit" and blend it in - you have to do the whole panel and apply very thin but even coats of green to get it up to the colour match with the front fairing.



I had this issue with the frame on my B1.....the colour didnt match on the correct paint code. I had to use a black primer to make it work


Get Dennis in cirencester  to do it. About £100 per panel to pu them right.