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chinese fairing verdicts

Started by wheelnut46, October 24, 2018, 05:39:38 PM

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Hi guys and gals, has anyone bought any of the Chinese fairing kits that are available these days, need to replace mine and have found one that looks identical to the silver, black and white of the zx6r a1p but not sure if they are worth it, some people say yes and others no.


No experience...but I suspect they will be of a lesser quality...but maybe some care and a decent painter will make an acceptable outcome.


I've had experience , you will notice a difference over OEM  I'm quality , if it's for a modern bike I'd avoid them , but if for a slightly older model they will improve the look , only slight modification is needed , just look for reviews of the brand if possible
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NOt used them personally but I think auctmarts had some decent reviews in the biking press.
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I used them a few years ago on my gen 1. I did a review i think on here but cant find it.

Long story short.....they almost fitted. Some panels were spot on but others were out with fixing points and holes. Some were 3-4 cm out. I paid £285 for Simon Andrews rep fairings. Customs wanted £31 on top and they arrived in 16 days. The quality wasn't that great. The mounting points were glued on and not formed as part of the panel

The seat cowl was miles out and you could get fingers under it. The colour didn't match either. Overall, personally, i wouldn't buy them again, but as you've already said and seen, some people get a decent set occasionally.