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Pilot 6's

Started by Manic636, May 21, 2022, 11:29:02 AM

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New tyres fitted this week on the RS went with the GT fitment to carry my lardy ass on the big girl knowing France trip is only a few weeks away, initial 60 mile run-in ride running the pressures the tyre place put in (so assume recommended although higher than the PR4's that were on before). Feedback is that as usual with the Michelins I feel comfortable, initial feel on front end was odd but soon enough I didn't notice, it was a dry day although some damp patches in the more wooded areas and the tyres felt great. Bike tells me 36 degree lean angle was achieved so not a bad initial run, the only bad thing about them is the price..... £360 fitted and that was with a bit of discount, apparently there have been two price increases already this year and supply can also be a challenge.. Oh well as long as they last the balance of this year then I'll be happy and if they are better than the 4's that were on the bike previously then I can't have any real complaints...

Just had to start a tyre thread lol



I have Michelin Road 5s on at the moment...rate the moment I have a pair of Michelin PR5s (£220) sat in the garage alongside a pair of Metzler Roadtec Z8s (£179) and I'll be putting on fresh rubber for the impending Euro trip...probably go with the PR5s...PR6s look more like the PR4s did...all good tyres.


I've got 5s on the SX and the BGB. Can't fault them. I think the wet weather grip is very good.  I have a pair of 6s waiting to go on the SX. I have 4s on the 6. I might have a Michelin membership card.