fast-ish road tyre choices

Started by captain sensible, July 12, 2013, 09:21:52 PM

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I'm thinking of  the Roadsmarts next.


Sportsmarts are an excellent do-it-all tyre.

4-5000 miles out of a rear on an S1000RR including a little commuting, rapid roads and decent pace trackdays - no issues with grip in all conditions from below freezing to hot track and everything between.


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S20's came as standard on my GSXR1000 L2, they perform great in every aspect except mileage.
I had 3 rears on before I gave up & switched to Sportsmarts.
I was only getting about 1500 miles out of the rears & the sportsmarts I was using on my R1 were lasting 4000 miles - so I switched.

The Sportsmarts are slightly (but you notice it) slower to turn so to compensate I put a 55 rear profile on instead of the standard 50....this has resulted in a similar turn-in feel to the S20s.

Since my switch I've done 1000 miles on the 'smart & it still looks almost new....the S20 would have been getting close to its wear bars.

Don't get me wrong, it's not as if the S20s actually rode any better either - they just wear out too quick compared to similarly performing tyres - on a litre bike at least.

My 2p.