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Cold weather tyre choice

Started by wlcat, October 07, 2013, 07:21:43 PM

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What is a good cold/wet weather tyre that will still give playfull grip on the odd sunny winters day. Bike is a 2006 zx10r,usually on K2s


car tyres fitted to a nice warm car LOL


Not scrubs...been there, pooped, my pants lol

big gav

I used Michelin pilot roads 3's all year round on my ZX10R D6F (2006) with no issues.


Had Road 3's on my 09 ZX10r, never had any problems.


Another vote for pilot road 3s here, got them on my R1


Pirelli Angel Gt, Has more grooving than the Pilot Road to clear water and heats up better with its newly designed carcase


BT023 are good and have just been reduced as a new model is out, nearly as good as Road 3 and I do a lot of winter miles 10k last year.