Still available Zx6r G1 skidmarx race fairing plus parts

Started by Stephen1982, November 01, 2017, 01:32:37 PM

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I've got an unused skidmarx race fairing, front forks with ohlins internals, front and rear mudguard, original exhaust,  open to offers but buyer will need to arrange collection/delivery.


Still available guys, I've moved since my original post though, I'm now in Ash Vale near Farnborough


This is all still available guys, I'm open to sensible offers.


It's been a couple of years but these are still available, I'm open to sensible offers


I'd trouble ebay or Facebook marketplace mate. The 10-20 people who reside here probably don't need them 😂
Significantly faster than you.....


A price for the forks please?
What's the condition?
Price for the fairing too?