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Wanted - zxr400

Started by Chrisninja, August 01, 2019, 08:35:26 PM

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Hi all - not been on here for a long time! Im after a mint zxr400 to keep as a collectors item and take out for odd sunny blast - its my fav bike ever and as im not an old fart im getting nostalgic!

Please - if you have or know of a decent nick zxr400 please PM me

Im after the white/pink fairing model with the air intake pipes!




Bloody hell. Blast from the past! Good luck with your search.


Ha - Hi Jarse i wondered if you were still on here! Hope all is well.

Ive got a Bmw s1000xr now - but have a hankering for a little ninja :-)



Triumph Explorer here and a new 1200 Scrambler. A lot happened since we used to chat on here but enjoying life thanks. Hope all is well with you 😎


Just cropped up on my FB feed. About 30 mins from me. Not mint - not pink. Decent project?

Significantly faster than you.....