YSS Shocks

Started by Lord Danoir the first, July 28, 2021, 10:52:38 AM

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Lord Danoir the first

Has anybody got any experience of these? Sub-£300 for one for the 7R, which feeds nicely in to my idea about keeping it cheap.

They only come with threaded spring preload, rebound adjustment and length adjustment, but you can specify a spring for your weight, and once I've set up static and rider sag, I don't tend to fuck about with settings.

thoughts motherfuckers, thoughts!!!!




Significantly faster than you.....


YSS make lots of shocks and suspension bits. There is a bloke on the PB forum who sells them. Folk who have fitted YSS shocks seem happy with them. They may not have the name like Maxton, Ohlins, Nitron but going by what i've read they are a good quality product. They do shocks from basic no adjustment to rebound, compression, preload adjustment. Not sure if you get the option to get different springs.
I thought you had the chance of a Maxton at a good price.

Lord Danoir the first

Yeah I was just curious as they're cheap, but I suspect their limitations may be evident on track. Probably good value aftermarket units for the road.

I don't want to buy cheap and buy twice and I know from experience that Maxton units work well.

little J

i've got one of these on my recently refurbed VFR800vtec, for the money i can't fault it.

preload and rebound settings, i've had a play with it and i seem to have set it up fairly good.

i rode back from scotland in May, two up with panniers & top box and it seemed to wallow round the bends with us on it.
i added a couple of turns more of preload before the next trip to scotland, same set up with luggage and pillon, and same route back and it handled a lot better.
For £275 i think it's really and looks well.


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