aftermarket hoses

Started by komp, July 21, 2022, 09:42:32 AM

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the coolant hoses on the speed triple are horribly discolored, i can get them back to "almost" black again using bumper/trim blackning stuff, but after a few months return to a dirty yellow colour!

i have done a bit of a google, but the only hoses i can find are samco ones for my bike.
is this my only option? anyone know of any other brands that make aftermarket hoses?
i could just buy replacements from triumph, but concerned about them becoming discolored again.

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A quick search shows AS3 performance do hoses. Not had any experience with them or  Samco.


cheers, i did find this site while searching, but they didn't appear to have hoses for my year speed triple.
newest year i could see mentioned was 2014!

KTM 1290 Superduke GT
BMW R nine T


Run Samco on mine for years K ... not cheap but always look like new even after a couple of seasons etc....
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